MapDiffArguments<K, V>.copied constructor Null safety

MapDiffArguments<K, V>.copied(
  1. Map<K, V> original,
  2. Map<K, V> replacement,
  3. {String? debugName,
  4. String? id,
  5. bool checkValues = true,
  6. DiffEquality? keyEquality,
  7. DiffEquality? valueEquality}

Performs a defensive copy of the input maps in case they are not safe for crossing isolate boundaries


MapDiffArguments.copied(Map<K, V> original, Map<K, V> replacement,
    {String? debugName,
    String? id,
    bool checkValues = true,
    DiffEquality? keyEquality,
    DiffEquality? valueEquality})
    : this({...original}, {...replacement},
          checkValues: checkValues,
          keyEquality: keyEquality,
          valueEquality: valueEquality,
          id: id,
          debugName: debugName);