Simple unofficial api client to fetch builds and applications details from your Codemagic account

Getting Started

Codemagic has recently exposed an API to access information about builds and applications. This is a simple wrapper to help you manage your builds.

API documentation

First of all check the official Codemagic API docs here. The API is in preview and may change significantly during development period.

Using the client

The library exposes CodemagicClient that is a HTTP client using dio to fetch and deserialize responses from Codemagic API.

To initialize the client you should call:

final client = CodemagicClient(
    apiUrl: '',
    authKey: 'AUTH-KEY',

The AUTH-KEY as of now is available to get from your Codemagic account settings in User settings > Integrations > Codemagic API > Show.

Available methods

Right now following endpoints are available

Get Builds

Object consisting of two sets of informations:

  • list of Applications
  • list of Builds
final buildsResponse = await client.getBuilds();
if (buildsResponse.wasSuccessful) {
} else {
    //handle buildsResponse.error

Get Application

Specific informations about the given Application.

final appsResponse = await client.getApplication('application-id');
if (appsResponse.wasSuccessful) {
} else {
    //handle appsResponse.error

Work in progress

This library is a work in progress. Some models are not generated yet and others may not be fully tested.


All the contributions are welcome! Please feel free to file issues or create PR if you would like to improve the library.