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A CoAP client library for Dart developers.

The Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) is a RESTful web transfer protocol for resource-constrained networks and nodes.

COAP is an implementation in Dart providing CoAP-based services to Dart applications.

The code is a port from the C# .NET project CoAP.NET. The dart implementation is that of a CoAP client only, not a server although the CoAP.NET project does supply a server.

The COAP client provides many high level functions to control the request/response nature of the CoAP protocol, fine grained control however can be obtained by users directly constructing their own request messages.

Configuration is achieved by editing a yaml based config file containing many of CoAP protocol configurations.

This is a full implementation of the CoAP protocol including block wise transfer, deduplication, transmission retries using request/response token/id matching, piggy-backed and separate response handling is also supported. Proxying options can be set in request messages however full proxying support is not guaranteed. All CoAP options(if-match, if-none match, uri path/query, location path/query, content format, max age, etags et al.) are supported

Observation of resources is supported with the client 'listening' for observed resource updates when configured for this. The client supports both IPV4 and IPV6 communications and multicast operation. CoAP over DTLS(secure CoAP) is not supported.

Many examples of usage are provided in the examples directory both using a .NET based CoAP server for local testing and testing using the test server. Also a fully populated default configuration file is present in the examples directory.