This Flutter plugin is a brige to use in your Flutter app CloudKit.

📝 Usage

Create a new CloudKit instance with your container id.

CloudKit cloudKit = CloudKit("");

Save a value with key"key", "value")

Access a value


💻 Installation

  1. Add the iCloud capability to your XCode project
  1. Tick all the three options and create with the plus icon a new CloudKit container and select it.
  1. Then add your first entry into the database with the example app in this repository.
  1. Then open the CloudKit Dashboard and select your container and go to "Schema"
  1. Click "Edit indexes". Important: To see this option you need to add your first database entry.
  1. Click "Add Index".
  1. 🎉 Now click save. You're done and can start now using my plugin. 🎉