where abstract method

Query<T> where(
  1. Object field,
  2. {Object? isEqualTo,
  3. Object? isNotEqualTo,
  4. Object? isLessThan,
  5. Object? isLessThanOrEqualTo,
  6. Object? isGreaterThan,
  7. Object? isGreaterThanOrEqualTo,
  8. Object? arrayContains,
  9. Iterable<Object?>? arrayContainsAny,
  10. Iterable<Object?>? whereIn,
  11. Iterable<Object?>? whereNotIn,
  12. bool? isNull}

Creates and returns a new Query with additional filter on specified field. field refers to a field in a document.

The field may be a String consisting of a single field name (referring to a top level field in the document), or a series of field names separated by dots '.' (referring to a nested field in the document). Alternatively, the field can also be a FieldPath.

Only documents satisfying provided condition are included in the result set.


Query<T> where(
  Object field, {
  Object? isEqualTo,
  Object? isNotEqualTo,
  Object? isLessThan,
  Object? isLessThanOrEqualTo,
  Object? isGreaterThan,
  Object? isGreaterThanOrEqualTo,
  Object? arrayContains,
  Iterable<Object?>? arrayContainsAny,
  Iterable<Object?>? whereIn,
  Iterable<Object?>? whereNotIn,
  bool? isNull,