pub package


Basic Usage:

import 'package:clipboard/clipboard.dart';

Copy to clipboard from your app

  FlutterClipboard.copy('hello flutter friends').then(( value ) => print('copied'));

Paste from clipboard what's copied anywhere in the device

  FlutterClipboard.paste().then((value) {
    // Do what ever you want with the value.
    setState(() {
      field.text = value;
      pasteValue = value;

Why I made this plugin

I have built quite a few apps that required being able to copy to clipboard until I wanted to build a URL shortener, now I needed users to be able to paste from clipboard and I discover the plugin I was using could not perform that, I search and found another plugin that could paste from clipboard but would only paste what was copied from within your app . Now I wanted user to paste what was in the Phones Clipboard, I discovered a way and then built this to help developers.

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