Additional information

CLickzin flutter android tracking sdk

Packages used with version:

android_play_install_referrer: ^0.2.1
shared_preferences: ^2.0.13
http: ^0.13.4

Steps to integrate SDK

Step 1: Add dependecy in pubspec.yaml

clickzinfluttersdk: <latest version>

Step 2: In main.dart, add imports

import 'package:clickzinfluttersdk/clickzinfluttersdk.dart';

Step 3: In first widget , create instance of ClickzinTracker and in initState call startTracking with initial event name.Most of the time initial event will be install

var appKey = "As provided by your marketing partners.";
final ClickzinTracker _clickzinTracker = ClickzinTracker(appKey, true);

void initState() {
  _clickzinTracker.startTracking("initial event");

Step 4: Track events in respective events widget with respective event name.Events like register, sale, login and so on will be tracked using this api.

final ClickzinTracker _clickzinTracker = ClickzinTracker(appKey, true);

void onAnyeventSuccess() {
  _clickzinTracker.trackEvent("any specific event");