pub package


Simple wrapper for ListWheelScrollView that allows children to respond on gesture (onTap) events



In the dependencies: section of your pubspec.yaml, add the following line:

    clickable_list_wheel_view: latest_version



You can get started really simple, just add

  scrollController: _scrollController,
  itemHeight: _itemHeight,
  itemCount: _itemCount,
  onItemTapCallback: (index) {
    print("onItemTapCallback index: $index");
  child: ListWheelScrollView.useDelegate(
    controller: _scrollController,
    itemExtent: _itemHeight,
    physics: FixedExtentScrollPhysics(),
    overAndUnderCenterOpacity: 0.5,
    perspective: 0.002,
    onSelectedItemChanged: (index) {
      print("onSelectedItemChanged index: $index");
    childDelegate: ListWheelChildBuilderDelegate(
      builder: (context, index) => _child(index),
      childCount: _itemCount,

Full Api

  ///  Required. The [child] which the wrapper will target to
  final ListWheelScrollView child;

  /// Required. Must be the same for list and wrapper
  final ScrollController scrollController;

  /// Optional. ListWheelScrollView height
  final double listHeight;

  /// Required. Height of one child in ListWheelScrollView
  final double itemHeight;

  /// Required. Number of items in ListWheelScrollView
  final int itemCount;

  /// If true the list will scroll on click
  final bool scrollOnTap;

  /// Set a handler for listening to a `tap` event
  final OnItemTapCallback onItemTapCallback;

  /// sets the duration of the scroll  animation
  final Duration animationDuration;
  /// use with ListWheelChildLoopingListDelegate
  final bool loop;