Clean Framework

Clean Framework


Flutter implementation of Clean Architecture, inspired on the guidelines created by Uncle Bob.

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Example Repository: Link

example_rest: Pokémon App w/RESTful Backend

Simple Pokémon browser app, showcasing how a simple app with a clean UI and a RESTful backend (PokéAPI REST API v2) might be written using clean_framework.

Example Web Demo:

example_graphql: Pokémon App w/GraphQL Backend

Simple Pokémon browser app, this time utilizing a GraphQL backend (PokéAPI GraphQL API v1 beta). This app showcases how the clean_framework_graphql package can be used alongside clean_framework to easily interact with a GraphQL API.

graphql_example: Scenario Example - Using clean_framework_graphql

Sample app with a bare-bones UI that illustrates the usage of the clean_framework_graphql package alongside clean_framework in interacting with a GraphQL API.

theme_example: Scenario Example - Updating Theme

Sample app with a bare-bones UI that showcases how one might reach beyond the confines of a Clean Framework feature to update a global app theme, while still adhering to the principles of Clean Architecture.


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