Clean Architecture Scaffold for Flutter

Easily scaffold folders based on the Clean Architecture in your Flutter project with this package. Reduce boilerplate and ensure consistent directory structure across your features.


  • Automatically generate a standardized folder structure for Clean Architecture.
  • Reduce the repetitive task of creating folders manually.
  • Ensure consistency across different features or modules.


Add the package to your pubspec.yaml:

  clean_architecture_scaffold: ^0.0.7


Use the command after installation to generate the folder structure for your feature:

dart run clean_architecture_scaffold:main -f FEATURE_NAME

This reduces boilerplate code and ensures you have the correct directory structure set up for implementing features using Clean Architecture.


We welcome contributions to clean_architecture_scaffold! If you have a feature suggestion, bug report, or wish to contribute code:

  1. Check out our repository: clean_architecture_scaffold.
  2. Create a new pull request or open an issue.

Thank you for supporting and using clean_architecture_scaffold!