CircularProfileAvatar is a Flutter package which allows developers to implement circular profile avatar with border, overlay, initialsText and many other awesome features, which simplifies developers job. It is an alternative to Flutter's CircleAvatar Widget.


          '', //sets image path, it should be a URL string. default value is empty string, if path is empty it will display only initials
          radius: 100, // sets radius, default 50.0              
          backgroundColor: Colors.transparent, // sets background color, default Colors.white
          borderWidth: 10,  // sets border, default 0.0
          initialsText: Text(
            style: TextStyle(fontSize: 40, color: Colors.white),
          ),  // sets initials text, set your own style, default Text('')
          borderColor: Colors.brown, // sets border color, default Colors.white
          elevation: 5.0, // sets elevation (shadow of the profile picture), default value is 0.0
          foregroundColor: Colors.brown.withOpacity(0.5), //sets foreground colour, it works if showInitialTextAbovePicture = true , default Colors.transparent
          cacheImage: true, // allow widget to cache image against provided url
          imageFit = BoxFit.cover,  
          onTap: () {
          }, // sets on tap 
          showInitialTextAbovePicture: true, // setting it true will show initials text above profile picture, default false  

If you want to use AssetImage or any other resource than just pass that to Child parameter. It will be shown at priority.

                    child: FlutterLogo(),
                    borderColor: Colors.purpleAccent,
                    borderWidth: 5,
                    elevation: 2,
                    radius: 50,

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