sample gif

    width: 200,
    height: 200,
    current: _value,
    maxStep: 100,
    widthLine: 2.5,
    heightLine: 20,
    curve: Curves.easeInOutCirc,
    gradientColor: const LinearGradient(
      begin: Alignment.topLeft,
      end: Alignment.bottomRight,
      colors: [Colors.cyan, Colors.orangeAccent],
Parameter Type Description Default
maxStep double Total number of step of the complete indicator. 100
current double Number of steps to underline, all the steps with index <= currentStep will have Color equal to selectedColor. 0
widthLine double Thickness of the brick line. 3
heightLine double Height of selected tile line. The height of the unselected line is equal to heightLine/2 20
height double Height of the indicator's container. -
width double Width of the indicator's container. -
selectedColor Color Color of the selected steps. Colors
unselectedColor Color Color of the unselected steps. Colors
gradientColor Gradient Apply a gradient color to the indicator. -
child Widget Widget child contained inside the indicator. -
duration Duration Animation duration to change state 2 seconds
curve Curves Status change animation Curves.easeInOutQuint