Circular Countdown Timer

Make an animated circular countdown using Circular Countdown Timer.

Getting Started

To use this plugin, add circular_countdown_timer as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.


  • Forward Countdown Timer.
  • Reverse Countdown Timer.
  • Start, Pause, Resume, Restart and Reset Timer.


     duration: 10,
     initialDuration: 0,
     controller: CountDownController(),
     width: MediaQuery.of(context).size.width / 2,
     height: MediaQuery.of(context).size.height / 2,
     ringColor: Colors.grey[300]!,
     ringGradient: null,
     fillColor: Colors.purpleAccent[100]!,
     fillGradient: null,
     backgroundColor: Colors.purple[500],
     backgroundGradient: null,
     strokeWidth: 20.0,
     strokeCap: StrokeCap.round,
     textStyle: TextStyle(
         fontSize: 33.0, color: Colors.white, fontWeight: FontWeight.bold),
     textFormat: CountdownTextFormat.S,
     isReverse: false,
     isReverseAnimation: false,
     isTimerTextShown: true,
     autoStart: false,
     onStart: () {
        debugPrint('Countdown Started');
     onComplete: () {
        debugPrint('Countdown Ended');
     onChange: (String timeStamp) {
        debugPrint('Countdown Changed $timeStamp');
     timeFormatterFunction: (defaultFormatterFunction, duration) {
        if (duration.inSeconds == 0) {
           return "Start";
        } else {
           return Function.apply(defaultFormatterFunction, [duration]);


Name Type Default Value Description
key Key null Key for Countdown Timer.
duration int null Countdown duration in Seconds.
initialDuration int 0 Countdown initial elapsed Duration in Seconds.
controller CountDownController null Controls (i.e Start, Pause, Resume, Restart) the Countdown Timer.
width double null Width of the Countdown Widget.
height double null Height of the Countdown Widget.
ringColor Color null Ring Color for Countdown Widget.
ringGradient Gradient null Ring Gradient for Countdown Widget. Note that ringColor will not be effective if gradient is provided.
fillColor Color null Filling Color for Countdown Widget.
fillGradient Gradient null Filling Gradient for Countdown Widget. Note that fillColor will not be effective if gradient is provided.
backgroundColor Color null Background Color for Countdown Widget.
backgroundGradient Gradient null Background Gradient for Countdown Widget. Note that backgroundColor will not be effective if gradient is provided.
strokeWidth double 5.0 Border Thickness of the Countdown Ring.
strokeCap StrokeCap StrokeCap.butt Begin and end contours with a flat edge and no extension.
textStyle TextStyle TextStyle(fontSize: 16.0,color:,) Text Style for Countdown Text.
textFormat String null Format for the Countdown Text.
isReverse bool false Handles Countdown Timer (true for Reverse Countdown (max to 0), false for Forward Countdown (0 to max)).
isReverseAnimation bool false Handles Animation Direction (true for Reverse Animation, false for Forward Animation).
isTimerTextShown bool true Handles visibility of the Countdown Text.
autoStart bool true Handles the timer start.
onStart VoidCallback null This Callback will execute when the Countdown Starts.
onComplete VoidCallback null This Callback will execute when the Countdown Ends.
onChange ValueChanged<String> null This Callback will execute when the Countdown Changes.
timeFormatterFunction Function(Function(Duration duration) defaultFormatterFunction,Duration duration) null This Callback allows you to format the current duration to any String in Countdown Widget.




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