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Recently, Chrome has added — a Gemini Nano AI model right inside your browser. This means that web developers can instantly and unlimitedly use on-device AI without any configuration.

I believe this will truly transform web applications. The use-cases are endless: smart auto-completion, error correction and validation, natural language filtering, auto-filling forms, UI suggestions, first-pass summarization, and search.

Accordingly, I have developed a library to enable this feature in Flutter. With this library, you can easily utilize the feature in Flutter web as well.


you can watch this video to see how to enable AI in Chrome and run this library.

1. Enable AI in Chrome

Chrome built-in AI is a preview feature, you need to use chrome version 127 or greater, now in dev or canary channel, may release on stable chanel at Jul 17, 2024.

After then, you should turn on these flags:

2. Add library

flutter pub add chrome_ai

3. Run your project

1. Open terminal and run web-server
flutter run -d web-server
2. Open Chrome dev or canary, and open your project in http://localhost:port


Check Availability of Chrome AI

import 'package:chrome_ai/chrome_ai.dart';

final availability = await ChromeAI.canCreateTextSession();
if(availability =={
    // can not create text session
}else if(availability == AIModelAvailability.afterDownload) {
    // need to download model
}else if(availability == AIModelAvailability.readily){
    // model is ready

Generate Text

import 'package:chrome_ai/chrome_ai.dart';

final session = await ChromeAI.createTextSession();
var result = await session.prompt("why is the sky blue?");

Generate Streaming Text

import 'package:chrome_ai/chrome_ai.dart';

final session = await ChromeAI.createTextSession();
final stream = session.promptStreaming("why is the sky blue?");

stream.listen((result) {
}).onError((e, stackTrace) {

Need Help!

This project is very new. If you have any questions, please open an issue. Contributions are very welcome.