Chia Crypto Utils

This repository provides an object model for working with Chia primitives serving as a basis for a Chia client.

  • Generating hardened and unhardened keys from a 24 word mnemonic seed
  • Standard transaction (XCH) coin spend
  • CAT
  • PlotNFT
  • Integration tests using the Chia simulator
  • Serialization and deserialization to and from Bytes for easy integration into secure storage
  • Atomic swap between Chia and Bitcoin


This repository is written in Dart to enable mobile and web usage. You may install either the Dart SDK or the Flutter SDK, which also includes Dart.

Build and Test

dart test
00:00 +0: test/wallet_service_test.dart: (suite)
  Skip: Integration test
00:08 +223 ~1: test/utils_test/utils_test.dart: should generate correct puzzle hashes from mnemonic
Fingerprint: 3109357790
Master public key (m): 901acd53bf61a63120f15442baf0f2a656267b08ba42c511b9bb543e31c32a9b49a0e0aa5e897bc81878d703fcd889f3
Farmer public key (m/12381/8444/0/0): 8351d5afd1ab40bf37565d25600c9b147dcda344e19d413b2c468316d1efd312f61a1eca02a74f8d5f0d6e79911c23ca
Pool public key (m/12381/8444/1/0: 926c9b71f4cfc3f8a595fc77d7edc509e2f426704489eaba6f86728bc391c628c402e00190ba3617931649d8c53b5520
First wallet address: txch1v8vergyvwugwv0tmxwnmeecuxh3tat5jaskkunnn79zjz0muds0qlg2szv
01:02 +896 ~1: All tests passed!

For integration tests, run the following command:

dart test integration_test/ --concurrency=1
00:28 +6: integration_test/network/mainnet_test.dart(suite)
  Skip: Test provided for reference, not nominally run
00:28 +6 ~1: integration_test/network/testnet10_test.dart: (suite)
  Skip: Test provided for reference, not nominally run
00:47 +14 ~2: All tests passed!

To run integration tests from VS Code UI, add the following json file to chia-crypto-utils root





Install Flutter and add the flutter tool to your path.

LCOV is used to create a coverage report in HTML format.

Generate Coverage Report

Run the following commands to generate the coverage report:

flutter test ./integration_test test --coverage --concurrency=1
genhtml coverage/ -o coverage

View the coverage report:

open coverage/index.html