moves method Null safety

List moves(
  1. [Map? options]

Returns a list of legals moves from the current position. The function takes an optional parameter which controls the single-square move generation and verbosity.

The piece, captured, and promotion fields contain the lowercase representation of the applicable piece.

The flags field in verbose mode may contain one or more of the following values:

'n' - a non-capture 'b' - a pawn push of two squares 'e' - an en passant capture 'c' - a standard capture 'p' - a promotion 'k' - kingside castling 'q' - queenside castling A flag of 'pc' would mean that a pawn captured a piece on the 8th rank and promoted.

If "asObjects" is set to true in the options Map, then it returns a List


List moves([Map? options]) {
  /* The internal representation of a chess move is in 0x88 format, and
     * not meant to be human-readable.  The code below converts the 0x88
     * square coordinates to algebraic coordinates.  It also prunes an
     * unnecessary move keys resulting from a verbose call.

  List<Move> uglyMoves = generateMoves(options);
  if (options != null &&
      options.containsKey('asObjects') &&
      options['asObjects'] == true) {
    return uglyMoves;
  List moves = [];

  for (int i = 0, len = uglyMoves.length; i < len; i++) {
    /* does the user want a full move object (most likely not), or just
       * SAN
    if (options != null &&
        options.containsKey('verbose') &&
        options['verbose'] == true) {
    } else {

  return moves;