Checker is an essential tool for developers aiming to maintain the quality and organization of their software projects.

This software automatically scans the source code for comments containing the terms "check", "todo", or "fix".

By identifying these terms, Checker generates detailed reports that help developers track and manage pending tasks, quality checks, and necessary fixes.

With Check, code maintenance becomes more efficient and effective, ensuring that no important task is overlooked.

At end of Check runner it will return a error to the terminal to inform that happens a error and block the followed actions, this protect you to proceed with a unfinished task.

Getting started

Install it

You can install the package from the command line:

    dart pub global activate checker


After installed, create a new file in you project root named check.yaml and add the settings as example below:

All these settings can be ignored, but it's recommended use some combinations for save you time since this tool will check all files, so we can ignore folders and filetypes.

patterns: # this represents the pattern that we want found
  - "// fix:" # here when using special characters like colon ':' yaml will interpret this as a nested object so to avoid this we use double quoted patterns like these example
  - "// todo:"

warnings: # this represents the pattern that will only log to remember that has unsolved tasks instead
  - "// todo:"

target: # we can explicit the file type that we wish focus to ignore the others types if this is empty, check command will check all filetypes
  - dart

skipFile: # we also can ignore subtypes like code generation files adding this here
  - .gen.dart
  - .freezed.dart

skipFolder: # this is very helpful to avoid look to unnecessary folders
  - /.dart_tool
  - /.git


From you root project run:


When the checker command has finished, a message will inform you what's happen: If no match was found it will return a success code($? >> 0) to the system and display a message:

Success, no matches found!

If it found one or more patterns, the checker command will exit wit a error code ($? >> 1) and present a detailed message from where was found the patterns:

File: /Users/JsonDev/Developer/flutter/my_tool/lib/components/badges/car_badge_widget.dart:26
} // FIX: remove the function of refresh screen

File: /Users/JsonDev/Developer/flutter/my_tool/lib/components/badges/car_badge_widget.dart:36
} // FIX: rename this function to a better name

This will read the yaml file to get the settings and search for the patterns defined using the specified settings.


To setup correctly the settings it was added a debug flag to print some helpful logs, to use debug option add the -d flag after the checker command.

checker -d

It will print the folders that are been scanned and the patterns found.

Some usage

One case where it's helpful is when you are refactoring the code and you must avoid push commented code, so you can put a comment like // fix: need fix this before push because ... and run the push command with the checker command first, like checker && git push.

Complete check.yaml example

  - "// fix:"

  - "// todo:"

  - dart

  - /.dart_tool
  - /.git
  - /.vscode
  - /.idea
  - /build
  - /android
  - /ios
  - /windows
  - /web
  - /linux
  - /macos
  - /.fvm