The package is used to give a support or guidence to your customer.

It supports for both Mobile and web.


  1. chat support.
  2. Currently available only messages support.
  3. Supported for both Android and IOS.
  4. And also web and Desktop(All).

How to use

  • Initialize the api_key in main() function.

  • Login to Innostack web and generate the api_key.

  • It checks the user(who is using package) is registered or not and his premium status.

    void main() { ChatApiService.initApiKey("api_key"); runApp(const MyApp()); }

  • Use the below code to display ChatScreen

         userId: customerId,
         userName: "customerName,(Optional)
         screenTitle: "Your App Name",
         chatSession: chatsession,
         onTyping: (bool) {
             // Your code to update user status of typing as boolean
         onSendMessage: (message) {
             /* When send a message in the screen it will return a message as
                 messageId : "32bit uid",
                 senderId: "customerId",
                 read: false,
                 senderType: SenderType.customer,
                 messageText: "your text",
             Now you have to set 
                message.sessionId = sessionId;
             write code to upload message to server. */
         bodyColor: Colors.grey,(Optional)
         messageTileColor: Colors.white.withOpacity(0.3),(Optional)