ChatGPT SDK for Flutter

The chatGPT SDK written in dart to access the features of the OpenAI APIs


  1. Text Completion
  2. Chat Completion
  3. Code Generation
  4. Image Generation

Getting started

chat_gpt: 2.0.0
flutter pub get


Create an instance of the ChatGPT

final chatGpt = ChatGPT.builder( token: '<token>');

You can generate the token from

Additional information

#Text Completion : The completions endpoint can be used for a wide variety of tasks. More details :

How to write the prompts

Method to do code completion / code completion

    const prompt = "Explain Quantum Computing in simple terms";

    Completion? completion = await chatGpt.textCompletion(
      request: const CompletionRequest(
        prompt: prompt,
        maxTokens: 256,


#Image generation : The image generations endpoint allows you to create an original image given a text prompt. More Details :

Supported Image Generation Types

  1. Creating images from scratch based on a text prompt
  2. Creating edits of an existing image based on a new text prompt
  3. Creating variations of an existing image

Sample Code to generate the image

    Images? images = await chatGpt.generateImage(
      request: const ImageRequest(
        prompt: 'A cute baby sea otter',


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