Flutter Package for Chargily ePay Gateway

Chargily ePay Gateway

This Plugin is to integrate ePayment gateway with Chargily easily.

  • Currently support payment by CIB / EDAHABIA cards and soon by Visa / Mastercard
  • This repo is recently created for Flutter Package, If you are a developer and want to collaborate to the development of this package, you are welcomed!


Edit pubspec.yaml file to include chargily_flutter package:

    sdk: flutter
  chargily_flutter: any # <-- Add this

then run the command:

flutter pub get
# or
dart pub get


import 'package:chargily_flutter/chargily.dart'

void main(List<String> args) async {
    final chargilyClient = Chargily('[API_KEY]');

    final invoice = Invoice(
        client: 'ahmed',
        clientEmail: '',
        amount: 1500,
        discount: 20.0,
        webhookUrl: '',
        backUrl: '',
        comment: 'Purchace',
        mode: PaymentMethod.CIB,
        invoiceNumber: '12345');

    final response = await chargilyClient.createPayment(invoice);