This package is a UI design achieved using a Container with animations. However, please note that it's strictly a horizontal slider UI and does not offer interactive functionality (on holding and Scrolling ) for sliding lists, grids, or other widgets. Instead, this package is intended to demonstrate how much you have scrolled through a scrollable widget in a UI design.


  • Simple to integrate and Easy to Understand
  • Awesome Design

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Getting started

Add in Your Project pubspec.yaml


import the package

import 'package:chapri_horiz_slider/chapri_horiz_slider.dart';


    sliderHeight: // num or say double
   sliderLength: // num or say double
   scrollController: //required ScrollController
   trackbarColor: //Color
    trackbarLength: // num or say double
   backgroundColor: //Color
   animationDuration: //Duration

Additional information

You can Explore the Example Code in Our Github Repo in example Folder (The example code has been moved to a GitHub repository to reduce the package's memory size. )

GitHub Repo
And Also you can watch videos on Youtube Channels by clicking on below GIFs
Slider YT video
Slider YT video

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