This is a Proof Of Concept for GSOC project "Changelog Parser for".

This takes in package name and url and generates a modified change log with versions as hyperlinks.


  • Get a modified log file with all versions as links
  • Fetch versions from to prevent broken link errors
  • Generate Hyperlinks for all occurances, not just headings.


Generate Modified Changelog from URL.

  ChangelogProcessor cp = await ChangelogProcessor.fromChangeLogURL(
  String modifiedLogs = cp.getProccessedLog();

Generate Modified Changelog from MD Source

  String source = """

  List<String> versions = [

  String modifiedLogs = ChangelogProcessor.fromChangeLogSource("", versions, source).getProcessedLog();


This project solves a simplified version of the problem using regex r"v?(\d+.\d+.\d+), which might not be enough and edge cases might arise.

I hope to improve and enhance it in my GSOC internship.