ChangeCaseTypeX extension

Extensions for the enum ChangeCaseType



description String?
Returns the description of the enum field.
no setter
name String
Returns the name of the enum field in a human readable format.
no setter


map<T>({required T camel, required T constant, required T dot, required T kebab, required T lowerFirst, required T no, required T pascal, required T path, required T sentence, required T snake, required T swap, required T title, required T upperFirst, required T capital, required T header, required T sponge}) → T
Map of all values of the enum
maybeMap<T>({required T orElse, T? camel, T? constant, T? dot, T? kebab, T? lowerFirst, T? no, T? pascal, T? path, T? sentence, T? snake, T? swap, T? title, T? upperFirst, T? capital, T? header, T? sponge}) → T
Optionally map all values of the enum