A flutter package to webscraping data from websites

This package contains a set of high-level functions that make it easy to webscrap websites. It's multi-platform, and supports mobile, desktop, and the web.


Webscraping any data from website, this package give you this power from the easely way

Instance Chaleno classe

var parser = await Chaleno().load('');

It return a Parser witch one we will use to get any data You can load HTML file from localhost

var parser = await Chaleno().load('https://localhost/index');
var parser = await Chaleno().load('');

Very simple to use

After intance Chaleno class, you can easily take any data using few code lines

Result result = parser.getElementById('id');

List<Result> results = parser.getElementsByClassName('className'); => print(item.text))

You can return a single Result or a list of results and go map them. You can find most popular methods and attributs in table bellow


var parser = await Chaleno().load('');

header = parser.getElementsByClassName('title')[0].text;
subscribeCount = parser.querySelector('.subscribers-count-note').text;
image = parser.querySelector('.jsx-1373700303 img').src;

Importants Methods and propriets

titleReturn the page title
getElementByIdReturn a single element searching for ID on the page
getElementsByClassNameReturn a list of elements according class passed as parameter
getElementsByTagNameReturn a list of elements according tag passed as parameter
querySelectorReturn single element passing a list of selector
querySelectorAllReturn a list of elements passing a list of selector
textReturn text atribute from a tag returned
srcReturn src atribute from a tag returned
hrefReturn href atribute from a tag returned