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cf(Clean Flutter)

Clean up the `build`, `ios/Pods` directory of Flutter projects in batches, optimize computer space, and practice Dart CLI

Install & Update

  • Dart activate
dart pub global activate cf_cli
  • Git source
dart pub global activate -sgit https://github.com/yy1300326388/clear_flutter_build.git

Run cleanup

  • Cleanup build
➜  cf
🚀 Cleanup mode:build
🎉 All cleaned up
  • Cleanup ios/Pods
➜  cf -m pods
🚀 Cleanup mode:pods
🎉 All cleaned up
  • Cleanup buildios/Pods
➜  cf -m all
🚀 Cleanup mode:all
🎉 All cleaned up
  • Get the version
➜  cf -v
🚀 CF Version:1.1.0
🐦 Dart:2.15.0 (stable) (Fri Dec 3 14:23:23 2021 +0100) on "macos_x64"
💻 OS:Version 12.0.1 (Build 21A559)
  • Help description
➜  cf -h
-m, --mode            🚀 Set the cleanup mode build is the build folder, pods is the ios/Pods folder, all folders
                      [build (default), pods, all]
-v, --[no-]version    📦️ Get the version
-h, --[no-]help       💡 Help description

My cleanup results

Before After

CleanMyMac can’t save me, so I wrote the cf_cli tool

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