The certabodriver flutter package allows you to quickly get you certabo-board connected to your Android application.

Getting Started with certabodriver + usb_serial

Add dependencies to pubspec.yaml

	certabodriver: ^0.0.4
	usb_serial: ^0.2.4

include the package

import 'package:certabodriver/certabodriver.dart';
import 'package:usb_serial/usb_serial.dart';

add compileOptions to android\app\build.gradle

android {
    compileOptions {
        sourceCompatibility 1.8
        targetCompatibility 1.8

you can do optional more steps to allow usb related features, for that please take a look at the package we depend on: usb_serial.

Connect to a connected board and listen to its events:

    List<UsbDevice> devices = await UsbSerial.listDevices();
    if (devices.length == 0) {

    List<UsbDevice> dgtDevices = devices.where((d) => d.vid == 4292).toList();
    UsbPort usbDevice = await dgtDevices[0].create();
    await usbDevice.open();

    await usbDevice.setDTR(true);
	  await usbDevice.setRTS(true);

	  usbDevice.setPortParameters(38400, UsbPort.DATABITS_8, UsbPort.STOPBITS_1, UsbPort.PARITY_NONE);

    CertaboCommunicationClient client = CertaboCommunicationClient(usbDevice.write);
    if (dgtDevices.length > 0) {
      // connect to board and initialize
      CertaboBoard nBoard = new CertaboBoard();
      await nBoard.init(client);
      print("CertaboBoard connected");

      // set connected board
      setState(() {
        connectedBoard = nBoard;

In action

To get a quick look, it is used in the follwoing project, which is not open source yet.