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Couchbase Lite is an embedded, NoSQL database:

  • Multi-Platform - Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Linux
  • Standalone Dart and Flutter - No manual setup required, just add the package.
  • Fast and Compact - Uses efficient persisted data structures.

It is fully featured:

  • JSON Style Documents - No explicit schema and supports deep nesting.
  • Expressive Queries - SQL++ (SQL for JSON), QueryBuilder, Full-Text Search
  • Observable - Get notified of changes in database, queries and data sync.
  • Data Sync - Pull and push data from/to server with full control over synced data.

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This package allows you to use Couchbase Lite in a Flutter app.

To get started, go to the documentation.

Below is a sneak peak of what it's like to use Couchbase Lite.

import 'package:cbl/cbl.dart';

Future<void> run() async {
  // Open the database (creating it if it doesn’t exist).
  final database = await Database.openAsync('my-database');

  // Create a new document.
  final mutableDocument = MutableDocument({'type': 'SDK', 'majorVersion': 2});
  await database.saveDocument(mutableDocument);

    'Created document with id ${} and '
    'type ${mutableDocument.string('type')}.',

  // Update the document.
  mutableDocument.setString('Dart', key: 'language');
  await database.saveDocument(mutableDocument);

    'Updated document with id ${}, '
    'adding language ${mutableDocument.string("language")!}.',

  // Read the document.
  final document = (await database.document(!;

    'Read document with id ${}, '
    'type ${document.string('type')} and '
    'language ${document.string('language')}.',

  // Create a query to fetch documents of type SDK.
  print('Querying Documents of type=SDK.');
  final query = await Query.fromN1ql(database, '''
    WHERE type = 'SDK'

  // Run the query.
  final result = await query.execute();
  final results = await result.allResults();
  print('Number of results: ${results.length}');

  // Close the database.
  await database.close();

🤝 Contributing

Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

Please make sure to update tests as appropriate.

Read CONTRIBUTING to get started developing.

⚖️ Disclaimer

⚠️ This is not an official Couchbase product.