traceAsyncOperation<T> method

  1. @override
Future<T> traceAsyncOperation<T>(
  1. TracedOperation operation,
  2. Future<T> execute()

Called when an asynchronous operation trace point is reached.

T is the type of the result of the operation.

The method must call execute exactly once. execute might throw a synchronous exception or return a Future that completes with an exception. This method must return a Future that completes with the same value as execute or completes with the same exception as execute.


Future<T> traceAsyncOperation<T>(
  TracedOperation operation,
  Future<T> Function() execute,
) async {
  if (!_operationFilter(operation)) {
    return execute();

  final name = _operationNameResolver(operation);
  final details = _operationDetailsResolver(operation);
  final task = _provideTimelineTask();
  try {
    task?.start(name, arguments: details);
    return await _withCblTimelineTask(task, execute);
  } finally {