Cashfree PG Flutter SDK pub package

Integration Steps

Step 1: Add Dependency

Open the pubspec.yaml file located inside the app folder, and add cashfree_pg: under dependencies.

 cashfree_pg: 2.0.10+30

Step 2a: Manifest Changes (Android)

The Cashfree PG SDK requires that you add the INTERNET permission in your Android Manifest file.

<manifest ...>
 <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET" />
<application ...>

Set the tools:node attribute to merge in the definition of your application element in the Android Manifest file.

          <!--Only add it if you need Auto OTP reading feature is enabled-->
        <meta-data android:name=""
          android:value="@integer/google_play_services_version" />

Step 2b: Info.plist permissions in iOS

Open the iOS application using XCode or any text editor and add the following into its info.plist file


Step 3: Android Gradle

Set Android Gradle Plugin version to 4.1.1 or higher Set Android Gradle version to 6.5 or higher

Step 4: Generate Token (From Backend)

You will need to generate a token from your backend and pass it to app while initiating payments. For generating token you need to use our token generation API. Please take care that this API is called only from your as it uses secretKey. Thus this API should never be called from App.

Request Description

You need to send orderId, orderCurrency and orderAmount as a JSON object to the API endpoint and in response a token will received. Please see the description of request below.

curl -XPOST -H 'Content-Type: application/json'
-H 'x-client-id: <YOUR_APP_ID>'
-H 'x-client-secret: <YOUR_SECRET_KEY>'
-d '{
 "orderId": "<ORDER_ID>",
 "orderCurrency": "INR"
}' ''

Request Example

Replace YOUR_APP_ID and YOUR_SECRET_KEY with actual values.

curl -XPOST -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -H 'x-client-id: YOUR_APP_ID' -H 'x-client-secret: YOUR_SECRET_KEY' -d '{
 "orderId": "Order0001",
}' ''

Response Example

"status": "OK",
"message": "Token generated",
"cftoken": "v79JCN4MzUIJiOicGbhJCLiQ1VKJiOiAXe0Jye.s79BTM0AjNwUDN1EjOiAHelJCLiIlTJJiOik3YuVmcyV3QyVGZy9mIsEjOiQnb19WbBJXZkJ3biwiIxADMwIXZkJ3TiojIklkclRmcvJye.K3NKICVS5DcEzXm2VQUO_ZagtWMIKKXzYOqPZ4x0r2P_N3-PRu2mowm-8UXoyqAgsG"

The "cftoken" is the token that is used authenticate your payment request that will be covered in the next step.

Step 4: Initiate Payment

  • App passes the order info and the token to the SDK
  • Customer is shown the payment screen where he completes the payment
  • Once the payment is complete SDK verifies the payment
  • App receives the response from SDK and handles it appropriately


  • The order details passed during the token generation and the payment initiation should match. Otherwise you'll get a"invalid order details" error.
  • Wrong appId and token will result in "Unable to authenticate merchant" error. The token generated for payment is valid for 5 mins within which the payment has to be initiated. Otherwise you'll get a "Invalid token" error.

Payment modes

Web Checkout Integration

How to integrate

For both the modes (normal and seamless) you need to invoke the doPayment() method. However, there are a few extra parameters you need to pass incase of seamless mode.


Future<Map<dynamic, dynamic>> doPayment(Map<String, dynamic> inputs)

Initiates the payment in a webview. The customer will be taken to the payment page on cashfree server where they will have the option of paying through any payment option that is activated on their account. Once the payment is done the webview will close and the response will be delivered in the callback.


  • params A map of all the relevant parameters described in the Request Params section below.

Sample Code

        .then((value) => value?.forEach((key, value) {
              print("$key : $value");
              //Do something with the result

Unified UPI Intent

When the doUPIPayment method is invoked the customer is shown a list of all the installed UPI applications on their phone. After the customer selects their preferred application, the payment confirmation page will open in the application. After payment completion, the response is delivered through a “Future”.


Open the iOS application using XCode or any text editor and add the following into its info.plist file


Future<Map<dynamic, dynamic>> doUPIPayment(Map<String, dynamic> inputs)

Initiates the UPI Payment and the customer is shown a list of all the UPI client applications (Paytm, GPay, PhonePe etc.) on their phone. This allows the customer to select any UPI application of their choice to pay with. Once the payment is completed the UPI page will close and the response will be delivered through a Future (See Example Below).

        .then((value) => value?.forEach((key, value) {
            print("$key : $value");
            //Do something with the result

Seamless UPI Intent

In case if you do not want to use the UI provided by Cashfree, you can make your own UI and initiate the UPI Payment function as well. This can be done as follows:

Step 1:- Call this method to get the list of all installed UPI Application

CashfreePGSDK.getUPIApps().then((value) => {
        // Value is a List of MAP<String, String>
        // It consists of 3 keys "displayName", "id" and a base64 string "icon"
        // You can convert the base64 string to image and display the app icon
//NOTE:- If you wish to use the application Icon provided by Cashfree, the below code can be used to convert base64 String to image.

Uint8List _imageBytesDecoded;
_imageBytesDecoded = Base64Codec().decode(app["icon"]);

// Inside a Widget, you can use this to show icons
child: this._imageBytesDecoded != null ? Image.memory(_imageBytesDecoded,fit: BoxFit.cover,) : Icon(Icons.image),

Step 2:- Send "id" retrieved by the above method as value to the key "appName"

Map<String, dynamic> inputParams = {
      "appName": selectedApp["id"], // This is one of the Map<> from the getUPIApps() method

// Then invoke the doUPIPayment Method
        .then((value) => value?.forEach((key, value) {
            print("$key : $value");
            //Do something with the result


  • params A map of all the relevant parameters described in the Request Params section below.

Request Parameters

color1YesBackground color value of the top bar as Hex String. ex:- "#FFFFFF"
color2YesText color of the topbar as Hex String. ex:- "#000000"
stageYesEnvironment - TEST or PROD
appIdYesYour app id
orderIdYesOrder/Invoice Id
orderAmountYesBill amount of the order
orderNoteNoA help text to make customers know more about the order
orderCurrencyYesCurrency code of the order. Default is INR.
customerNameNoName of the customer
customerPhoneYesPhone number of customer
customerEmailYesEmail id of the customer
tokenDataYesToken generated from step 4
notifyUrlNoNotification URL for server-server communication. Useful when user’s connection drops after completing payment.
paymentModesNoAllowed payment modes for this order. Available values: cc, dc, nb, paypal, upi, wallet. Leave it blank if you want to display all modes

Response parameters

These parameters are sent as extras to the onActivityResult(). They contain the details of the transaction.

orderIdOrder id for which transaction has been processed. Ex: GZ-212
orderAmountAmount of the order. Ex: 256.00
paymentModePayment mode of the transaction.
referenceIdCashfree generated unique transaction Id. Ex: 140388038803
txStatusPayment status for that order. Values can be : SUCCESS, FLAGGED, PENDING, FAILED, CANCELLED.
paymentModePayment mode used by customer to make the payment. Ex: DEBIT_CARD, MobiKwik, etc
txMsgMessage related to the transaction. Will have the reason, if payment failed
txTimeTime of the transaction
typeFixed value : CashFreeResponse. To identify the response is from cashfree SDK.
signatureResponse signature, more here.


  • There can be scenarios where the SDK is not able to verify the payment within a short period of time. The status of such orders will be PENDING.
  • If the WebView is closing as soon as it opens then most probably something is wrong with the input passed to the SDK. Please check your inputs and if you still need further help reach out to us at
  • If you are getting INCOMPLETE as the transaction status please reach out to your account manager or