A simple cart item widget to display and edit products.


You can create a card with a product image, a name, a price and add callbacks to edit the quantity displayed.

Getting started

In your project's pubspec.yaml file, add:

    cart_item: <latest_version>

Check the example to see how to call the card


For each CartItem name, price, quantity and imageUrl are required.

The rest is optionnal. By default, the color will be white and no callback will be linked to the buttons.

    color: Colors.blue,
    name: 'M T-shirt',
    price: 20,
    quantity: 2,
    imageUrl: 'https://uk.elis.com/sites/uk.elis.com/files/styles/product_cover/public/catalog/product/ID_0300_white_300_dpi_YR14.png?h=7d612996&itok=SrDfm6k8',
    onAdd: () => { 
    onRemove: () => {

Additional information

This is a school project, just to learn how to publish a package. This is not a complex widget with a lot of functionnality and could probably be done better.

Thanks for checking this ! :)