CARP Survey Sampling Package

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This library contains a sampling package for collection of user-generated data to work with the carp_mobile_sensing framework. Data is collected via surveys and cognitive tests. For this, this library uses the CARP Research Package and the CARP Cognition Package. This package supports the creation of a RPAppTask which can be added to a CAMS study protocol.

Read more on the Research Package API and how to create a survey and how to create a cognitive test on the CARP website. For a demo of how to use this package and the RPAppTask in an app, see the PulmonaryMonitor app. To read more about using the AppTask, see the CAMS wiki.


To use this package, add the following to you pubspc.yaml file. Note that this package only works together with carp_mobile_sensing.

  carp_mobile_sensing: ^latest
  carp_survey_package: ^latest

Using it

To use this package, import it into your app together with the carp_mobile_sensing package:

import 'package:carp_core/carp_core.dart';
import 'package:carp_mobile_sensing/carp_mobile_sensing.dart';
import 'package:carp_survey_package/survey.dart';

Before creating a study and running it, register this package in the SamplingPackageRegistry.


Once this is in place, a survey can be added as a RPAppTask to a CAMS protocol like this:

// Add a task control to the protocol that triggers every day at 13:00,
// issuing a WHO-5 survey while also collecting device and
// ambient light information when survey is initiated by the user.
      type: RecurrentType.daily,
      time: TimeOfDay(hour: 13),
        type: SurveyUserTask.SURVEY_TYPE,
        name: 'WHO-5 Survey',
        rpTask: who5Task,
        measures: [
          Measure(type: DeviceSamplingPackage.DEVICE_INFORMATION),
          Measure(type: SensorSamplingPackage.AMBIENT_LIGHT),

A set of cognitive test can be added like this:

// Add a Parkinson's assessment consisting of;
//  * an instruction step
//  * a timer step
//  * a Flanker and Tapping activity (from cognition package).
// Accelerometer and gyroscope data is collected while the user is performing
// the task in oder to assess tremor.
  PeriodicTrigger(period: const Duration(hours: 2)),
      type: SurveyUserTask.COGNITIVE_ASSESSMENT_TYPE,
      title: "Parkinson's' Assessment",
      description: "A simple task assessing motor and cognitive functioning.",
      minutesToComplete: 3,
      rpTask: RPOrderedTask(
        identifier: "parkinsons_assessment",
        steps: [
              identifier: 'parkinsons_instruction',
              title: "Parkinsons' Disease Assessment",
                  "In the following pages, you will be asked to solve two simple test which will help assess "
                  "your symptoms on a daily basis. Each test has an instruction page, which you should read "
                  "carefully before starting the test.\n\n"
                  "Please sit down comfortably and hold the phone in one hand while performing the test "
                  "with the other."),
            identifier: 'timer_1',
            timeout: const Duration(seconds: 6),
                "Please stand up and hold the phone in one hand and lift it in a straight arm "
                "until you hear the sound.",
            playSound: true,
            identifier: 'flanker_1',
            lengthOfTest: 30,
            numberOfCards: 10,
            identifier: 'tapping_1',
            lengthOfTest: 10,
      measures: [
        Measure(type: SensorSamplingPackage.ACCELERATION),
        Measure(type: SensorSamplingPackage.ROTATION),


A library for collecting survey from the Research Package: