pauseRecording method

Future<void> pauseRecording(
  1. MediaCapture currentCapture

Pauses a video recording. startRecording must have been called before. Call resumeRecording to resume the capture.


Future<void> pauseRecording(MediaCapture currentCapture) async {
  if (!currentCapture.isVideo) {
    throw "Trying to pause a video while currentCapture is not a video (${currentCapture.filePath})";
  if (currentCapture.status != MediaCaptureStatus.capturing) {
    throw "Trying to pause a media capture in status ${currentCapture.status} instead of ${MediaCaptureStatus.capturing}";
  await CamerawesomePlugin.pauseVideoRecording();
  _mediaCapture = MediaCapture.capturing(
      filePath: currentCapture.filePath, videoState: VideoState.paused);