Use Prerelease version to support nullsafety.

Flutter Camera Kit

Flutter camera kit uses native android and ios APIs for taking picture and scanning barcode with controlable flash.This plugin uses Camera2 API in android and AVFoundation in iOS for taking picture and MLFirebase library for scanning barcode.

Main features:

  • Easy implementation with controller
  • Automatic permission handling (no need for 3rd-party libraries)
  • Automatic camera resource handling for battery usage and avoid any conflict with another camera based applications.(you can also manage manually pause and resume camera)
  • fill and fit mode for camera preview frame.
  • Optimize memory usage in taking picture
  • auto, on and off flash mode while taking picture and scan barcode.



Add io.flutter.embedded_views_preview in info.plist with value YES. Add Privacy - Camera Usage Description in info.plist.


For use plugin, You shoude an instance of CameraKitController then initial CameraKitView passing CameraKitController instance to it.

   cameraKitController = CameraKitController();
    cameraKitView = CameraKitView(
      cameraKitController: cameraKitController,
      hasBarcodeReader: true,
      barcodeFormat: BarcodeFormats.FORMAT_ALL_FORMATS
      scaleType: ScaleTypeMode.fill,
      androidCameraMode: AndroidCameraMode.API_X,
      cameraSelector: CameraSelector.back
      onPermissionDenied: () {
          print("Camera permission is denied.");
          //ToDo on permission denied by user
      onBarcodeRead: (code) {
        print("Barcode is read: " + code);
        //ToDo on barcode read

Cunstructor parameters

hasBarcodeReader: True means scan barcode mode and false means take picture mode

barcodeFormat: Set barcode format from available values, default value is FORMAT_ALL_FORMATS.

scaleType: There are 2 modes ScaleTypeMode.fill and for this parameter. If you want camera preview fill your widget area, use fill mode. In this mode, camera preview may be croped for filling widget area. If you want camera preview to show entire lens preview, use fit mode. In this mode, camera preview may be shows blank areas.

previewFlashMode: This parameter accepts 3 values,, CameraFlashMode.on and For changing value after initial use changeFlashMode method in controller.

androidCameraMode: This parameter has been replaced with useCamera2API. This parameter accepts 3 values, API_X, API_1, API_2. Default value is API_X. Some feature is available in each value. API_1 features: Taking picture API_2 features: Taking picture, Scaning barcode (Taking picture with flash has some issues, Auto flash in barcode scanning mode works in some phones.) API_X features: Taking picture, Scaning barcode (Auto flash in barcode scanning mode doesn't work.)

cameraSelector: Set front and back camera with this parameter. This parameter accepts 3 values, back and front

onPermissionDenied: After android and iOS user deny run time permission, this method is called.

onBarcodeRead: In barcodeReader mode, while camera preview detect barcodes, This method is called.

Controller methods

Take Picture You can take picture with this method. Unlike API_2, in API_X, you can take picture in scaning barcode mode. You can pass your custom path for save image. You can pass nothing and the image will be saved in default path.

  String path = await cameraKitController.takePicture({Your custom path});

Change Flash Mode For changing flash mode, don't change cunstructor parameter. Use changeFlashMode method in controller. Pass CameraFlashMode enum to this method.


Pause and Resume camera This plugin automatically manage pause and resume camera based on android, iOS life cycle and widget visibility, also you can call with your controller when ever you need.