A camera barcode scan library for Flutter Web

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Getting Started

Add a javascript file for barcode scan

function detectBarcode(dataUrl, callback) {

    // call here your favorite javascript barcode scan library
    // input must be an image dataUrl
    // output must be a single String

    // don't forget to trigger the call back in order to get the result

Import javascript files into your index.html

<script src="js/barcode.js"></script> // the javascript file with the detectBarcode function

Use it

import 'package:camcode/cam_code_scanner.dart';

    context: context,
    builder: (context) => CamCodeScanner(
    width: MediaQuery.of(context).size.width,
    height: MediaQuery.of(context).size.height,
    refreshDelayMillis: 200,
    onBarcodeResult: (barcode) {
        // do whatever you want
    minimalResultCount: 2,

More options

Manually release resources

Sometimes, depending on your camcode usage, you may need to release resources manually.

1- To do so, create first a controller for the scanner

// Create a controller to send instructions to scanner
  final CamCodeScannerController _controller = CamCodeScannerController();

2- Then, add it to the CamCodeScanner

    width: ...,
    height: ...,
    refreshDelayMillis: ...,
    onBarcodeResult: (barcode) {
    controller: _controller,

3- And finally, just call releaseResources() method when required

    onPressed: () {
    child: Text('Release resources'),

Calling this method will close the camera and stop the scanner process