Flutter widget form select a date in horizontal timeline with customizable styles.

Getting Started

You can use this package when you need to add a date picker that takes up little screen space, so we can always have it visible, and that facilitates use with one hand.



Property Type Description
initialDate DateTime Initial date selected
firstDate DateTime First date available in calendar
lastDate DateTime Last date available in calendar
selectableDayPredicate SelectableDayPredicate Signature for predicating dates for enabled date selections
onDateSelected OnDateSelected Callback to notify that a date has been selected
leftMargin double Left margin to month and day list
monthColor Color Color for month list elements
dayColor Color Color for day list elements
activeDayColor Color Color for selected day text
activeBackgroundDayColor Color Color for selected day background
dotColor Color Color for top dots in select day
locale String Locale string to get formatted date
showYears bool Indicates if it show year selector

Use example

You can review the example folder for a complete example of using the widget.

  initialDate: DateTime(2020, 4, 20),
  firstDate: DateTime(2019, 1, 15),
  lastDate: DateTime(2020, 11, 20),
  onDateSelected: (date) => print(date),
  leftMargin: 20,
  monthColor: Colors.blueGrey,
  dayColor: Colors.teal[200],
  activeDayColor: Colors.white,
  activeBackgroundDayColor: Colors.redAccent[100],
  dotsColor: Color(0xFF333A47),
  selectableDayPredicate: (date) => date.day != 23,
  locale: 'en_ISO',