Cached Video Player

A flutter plugin that has been forked from the official video_player package except that it supports caching in Android and iOS. Web plugin will work like official video_player i.e. without caching support.

Why fork

  • The original creator stopped updating/merging PRs so i'm re-publishing it
  • I think exo player 2.12 was taken down today so my builds were failing. I believe android could no longer pull

implementation ''

so i updated it to implementation ''

  • got rid of deprecations
  • fixed errors
  • followed video_player package for guidance


First, add cached_video_player as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

Follow the Android and iOS configuration steps of the official video_player package. This plugin won't work in Desktop.


  • maxFileSize and maxCacheSize are hardcoded at 100MiB and 1GiB respectively in Android.