Campus OLA 🚕

People often try to search for others who are also leaving for airport/railway station from IITG campus during vacations, trips etc because solo cab booking will cost high and they tend to look for others who are also leaving at same date & time and can divide the fare accordingly. Campus OLA will help people in finding cab partners via interactive searching, creating search posts etc.

Technologies 🛠️

Flutter Firebase Dart

This project needs to be built using Flutter & Firebase

Project details 😎

  • Creating search post for cab sharing
  • Searching in added posts with custom filters
  • Chat feature between users
  • Call/email redirecting etc

UI & Firestore Schema design 🦄

Look at design and Firestore Schema design here

Setting up project on your machine ⚙️

  • Follow this guide to setup Android Studio & Flutter SDK on your machine
  • Follow this to setup Firebase project for your project in the app also, enable email-password authentication, initialize cloud firestore database in your firebase project
  • Fork this repository, Clone the forked repository on your machine and start working on issues
  • If you are new to Flutter checkout these learning resources from workshop conducted by SWC IIT Guwahati

Contribution Guide 🤠

Before contributing be sure to check out the CONTRIBUTION guidelines.

Help & Discussions 🙌

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