flutter_call_kit library


OnActivateAudioSession = Future Function()
The AudioSession has been activated by FlutterCallKit.
OnAnswerCallAction = Future Function(String uuid)
User answer the incoming call
OnDeactivateAudioSession = Future Function()
The AudioSession has been deactivated.
OnDTMF = Future Function(String digits, String uuid)
Used to type a number on his dialer
OnEndCallAction = Future Function(String uuid)
User finish the call.
OnHold = Future Function(bool hold, String uuid)
A call was held or unheld by the current user
OnIncomingCall = Future Function(String error, String uuid, String mettingId, String handle, String localizedCallerName, String callerAvatar, bool hasVideo, bool fromPushKit)
Callback for displayIncomingCall
OnMuted = Future Function(bool muted, String uuid)
A call was muted by the system or the user:
OnReceiveStartCallAction = Future Function(String uuid, String handle)
Device sends this event once it decides the app is allowed to start a call, either from the built-in phone screens (iOS/Recents), or by the app calling RNCallKeep.startCall.
OnStartCall = Future Function(String handle, bool video)