The Butterfly SDK for Flutter

License: Apache Platform-Flutter Platform-iOS Platform-Android

The Butterfly SDK helps your app to take an active part in the fight against domestic violence.


🔌 & ▶️

Install via

  butterfly_sdk_flutter_plugin: ^1.3.1


To recognize your app in TheButterflySDK servers you'll need an application key. You can set it via code, as demonstrated here.

Example in Dart

import 'package:butterfly_sdk_flutter_plugin/butterfly_sdk_flutter_plugin.dart';

// Whenever you wish to open our screen, simply call:
ButterflySdk.openReporter(withKey: "your API key");

Integration test


You can easily verify your application key 🔑 by simply running the plugin in DEBUG mode 🐞.

This will cause our servers to skip the part of sending reports to real live support centers, they will only verify the API key. Eventually you'll get success / failure result.

Enjoy and good luck ❤️