Welcome to Bunker.

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1.0.5 and null-safety

pub package

Important note:

  bunker_annotation: ^0.0.3

  bunker_lib: ^1.0.5

Run the generator

To run the code generator you have two possibilities:

  • If your package depends on Flutter:
    • flutter pub run build_runner build
  • If your package does not depend on Flutter:
    • dart pub run build_runner build

Note that like most code-generators, Bunker will need you to both import the annotation (meta) and use the part keyword on the top of your files.


As stated in the very beginning of this readme, Bunker does not compromise on the syntax to have a powerful copy.

The copyWith method generated by Bunker does support assigning a value to null.
For example, if we take our previous Model class:

class Model with _$Model {
  factory Model(String name, int age);