A flutter package to add built-in keyboard instead of system keyboards. This implementation relies on a textInputField and interacts with it through a TextEditingController.


First of all, add the package to your dependencies and run flutter pub get.

      url: https://github.com/Open-Segmentation-Systems/BuiltInKeyboard.git
      ref: main

With the builtInKeyboard widget, you can easily change the layout of the keyboard, the look and feel of the keys, etc.

Here are some attributes that you could change. keep in mind that the controller is required to make the keyboard work correctly.

  controller: this.textController, // required
  layoutType: 'EN', // Only QWERTY and AZERTY are currently available
  enableUppercaseAll: true, // makes the keys uppercase
  borderRadius: BorderRadius.circular(8.0), // changes the border radius of the key
  letterStyle: TextStyle(fontSize: 25, color: Colors.black) // styles the text inside a key

Additional options and flags

OptionRequiredBy defaultDescription
layoutTypeyes-the layout of the keyboard
heightno-height of keys
widthno-width of keys
spacingno8.0the spacing between each row
borderRadiusno-the radius of the keys
letterStylenofontSize: 25, color: blackTextStyle of the letters
colornodeepOrangecolor of the keys (keyboard color)
enableSpacebarnofalseadds a spacebar
enableBackSpacenotrueadds a backspace button
enableCapsLocknofalseadds a Caps Lock button
enableAllUppercasenofalsemakes the keyboard uppercase
enableLongPressUppercasenofalsewrites an uppercase when long pressing on the keys
highlightColorno-color when pressed
splashColorno-color when pressed (material style)