Vm compilers for users of package:build.
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This package is intended to be used as a development dependency for users of package:build who want to run code in the Dart vm with precompiled kernel files. This allows you to share compilation of dependencies between multiple entrypoints, instead of doing a monolithic compile of each entrypoint like the Dart VM would normally do on each run.

Note: If you want to use this package for running tests with dart run build_runner test you will also need a build_test dev dependency.


This package creates a .vm.app.dill file corresponding to each .dart file that contains a main function.

These files can be passed directly to the vm, instead of the dart script, and the vm will skip its initial parse and compile step.

You can find the output either by using the -o <dir> option for build_runner, or by finding it in the generated cache directory, which is located at .dart_tool/build/generated/<your-package>.


There are no configuration options available at this time.

Custom Build Script Integration

If you are using a custom build script, you will need to add the following builder applications to what you already have, sometime after the build_modules builder applications:

        [vmKernelEntrypointBuilder], toRoot(),
        hideOutput: true,
        // These globs should match your entrypoints only.
        defaultGenerateFor: const InputSet(
            include: const ['bin/**', 'tool/**', 'test/**.vm_test.dart'])),