findBuilderApplications function

Future<Iterable<Expression>> findBuilderApplications({
  1. PackageGraph? packageGraph,
  2. Map<String, BuildConfig>? buildConfigOverrides,

Finds expressions to create all the BuilderApplication instances that should be applied packages in the build.

Adds apply expressions based on the BuildefDefinitions from any package which has a build.yaml.

Optionally, a custom packageGraph and buildConfigOverrides can be used to change which packages and build configurations are considered. By default, the PackageGraph.forThisPackage will be used and configuration overrides will be loaded from the root package.


Future<Iterable<Expression>> findBuilderApplications({
  PackageGraph? packageGraph,
  Map<String, BuildConfig>? buildConfigOverrides,
}) async {
  final info = await findBuildScriptOptions(
      packageGraph: packageGraph, buildConfigOverrides: buildConfigOverrides);
  return info.builderApplications;