Access most used properties in your BuildContext instance. This package relies on Dart's extension to provide easy access for the most used properties and functions that depends on the BuildContext instance.

Available Extensions

I update this package frequently to add more extensions, bellow you can see the currently available extensions in the latest version.

From the MediaQuery. Access properties right in the context instance. Available extensions:

  • context.mediaQuerySize
  • context.orientation
  • context.mediaQueryPadding
  • context.alwaysUse24HourFormat
  • context.devicePixelRatio
  • context.platformBrightness
  • context.textScaleFactor
  • context.isLandscape
  • context.isPortrait
  • context.mediaQueryViewPadding
  • context.mediaQueryViewInsets
  • context.mediaQueryShortestSide
  • context.isPhone
  • context.isTablet
  • context.isSmallTablet
  • context.isLargeTablet

From the Navigator class. Navigate with ease. Available extensions:

  • context.push()
  • context.pop()
  • context.canPop()
  • context.pushNamed()
  • context.popUntil()

From the Theme class. Access your themes right in the context instance. Available extensions:

  • context.theme
  • context.textTheme
  • context.primaryTextTheme
  • context.accentTextTheme
  • context.bottomAppBarTheme
  • context.bottomSheetTheme
  • context.appBarTheme
  • context.backgroundColor
  • context.primaryColor
  • context.buttonColor
  • context.scaffoldBackgroundColor
  • context.platform
  • context.isAndroid
  • context.isIOS
  • context.isWindows
  • context.isMacOS
  • context.isLinux
  • context.isFuchsia

From Scaffold class. Handle your scaffold in their context.

Note: those must be called in the context of a Scaffold widget otherwise you might have errors.

  • context.openDrawer()
  • context.openEndDrawer()
  • context.showSnackBar()
  • context.hideCurrentSnackBar()
  • context.removeCurrentSnackBar()
  • context.showBottomSheet()

From Form.of(context) class.

Note: those must be called in the context of a Scaffold widget otherwise you might have errors.

  • context.form.validate()
  • context.form.reset()
  • context.form.save()

From FocusScope.of(context) class.

  • context.focusScope.hasFocus

  • context.focusScope.isFirstFocus

  • context.focusScope.canRequestFocus

  • context.focusScope.hasPrimaryFocus

  • context.focusScope.unfocus()

  • context.focusScope.nextFocus()

  • context.focusScope.requestFocus()

  • context.focusScope.previousFocus()

  • context.focusScope.setFirstFocus()

  • context.focusScope.consumeKeyboardToken()

  • context.closeKeyboard()


Add it in your pubspec.yaml:

  build_context: ^2.0.4

Import it where you want to use it e.g, in your widget's file.

import "package:build_context/build_context.dart";

Here is a usage example:

import 'package:flutter/material.dart';
import "package:build_context/build_context.dart";

class MyHomePage extends StatelessWidget {
  Widget build(BuildContext context) {
    return Scaffold(
      backgroundColor: context.scaffoldBackgroundColor, // There is no Theme.of(context)
      body: Center(
        child: GestureDetector(
          onTap: () => context.pushNamed('/detailsPage'), // we use only context not Navigator.of(context)
          child: Text(
            'Press Me',
            style: context.primaryTextTheme.title, // we use only context not Theme.of(context)


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