Network Breadcrumbs for Bugsnag Flutter

http networking breadcrumbs for bugsnag_flutter. If you are using the HttpClient class in dart:io then bugsnag_breadcrumbs_dart_io should be used for networking breadcrumbs.

Getting Started

  1. Install bugsnag_flutter
  2. Add bugsnag_breadcrumbs_http to your project:
flutter pub add bugsnag_breadcrumbs_http
  1. Replace references to the http package with bugsnag_breadcrumbs_http:
import 'package:bugsnag_breadcrumbs_http/bugsnag_breadcrumbs_http.dart' as http;
  1. Use as normal, and your network breadcrumbs will be automatically logged:
await http.get(Uri.parse(''));


The Bugsnag Flutter notifier is free software released under the MIT License. See the LICENSE for details.