A flutter plugin to enable you launch a bubble while putting your application to background and upon clicking the bubble brings your application back to foreground

Getting Started

Add dependency

        bubble_head: ^0.0.4

Add in android-manifest file (../main/AndroidManifest.xml)

If you are unsure on where to do this, you can reference the example project AndroidManifest.xml file here

Add SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW permission in manifest

    <uses-permission android:name="android.permission.SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW"/>

NOTE: For best UX practices, you should request for SYSTEM_ALERT_WINDOW permission on your application launch (if permission status is not granted) To request for permission, we advise the use of this package

Add intent-filter in activity tag

        <action android:name="intent.bring.app.to.foreground" />
        <category android:name="android.intent.category.DEFAULT" />

Add service in application tag


Note: To set bubble icon, create assets/images folder path and add your png icon with name icon.png to the directory (ensure to import assets in your pubspec.yaml file)

GIF illustration


To start bubble This puts your app in background and can be re-launched (brought to foreground) on tap of the bubble

    Bubble _bubble = new Bubble();

    Future<void> startBubbleHead() async {
        try {
            await _bubble.startBubbleHead();
        } on PlatformException {
            print('Failed to call startBubbleHead');

To stop/close bubble

    Bubble _bubble = new Bubble();

    Future<void> stopBubbleHead() async {
        try {
            await _bubble.stopBubbleHead();
        } on PlatformException {
            print('Failed to call stopBubbleHead');

You can prevent the default action of putting your application in background when starting bubble_head by setting sendAppToBackground parameter when starting bubble head (if you choose to use another means of sending your application to background)

    Bubble _bubble = new Bubble();

    Future<void> startBubbleHead() async {
        try {
            // this will only display the bubble-head without sending the application to background
            await _bubble.startBubbleHead(sendAppToBackground: false);
        } on PlatformException {
            print('Failed to call startBubbleHead');

Other parameters (You can choose to tweak optional parameters when initializing bubble)

        this.shouldBounce = true,
        this.allowDragToClose = true,
        this.showCloseButton = false,
    Bubble().startBubbleHead(sendAppToBackground: true);

Parameter Definition

  • shouldBounce - Defaults to True (Adds animation to bubble-head)
  • allowDragToClose - Defaults to True (Enables dragging bubble to bottom screen to exit)
  • showCloseButton - Defaults to False (Adds a close button icon to the bubble-head)
  • sendAppToBackground - Defaults to True (Sends application to background)

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