brick_rest_generators workflow

Brick Rest Build

Code generator that provides (de)serializing functions for Brick adapters using RestProvider. This package does not produce code. It can be imported into other Brick build domains.

This package should not be imported into an end application as it does not generate code.


Apply the RestSerdes in your own AnnotationSuperGenerator:

import 'package:brick_rest_generators/rest_serdes.dart';

class MyDomainGenerator extends AnnotationSuperGenerator<ConnectMyDomainWithRest> {
  final String superAdapterName;
  final String repositoryName;

  const OfflineFirstGenerator({
    this.superAdapterName = 'MyDomain',
    this.repositoryName = 'MyDomainWithRest',

  /// Given an [element] and an [annotation], scaffold generators
  List<SerdesGenerator> buildGenerators(Element element, ConstantReader annotation) {
    final rest = RestSerdes(element, annotation, repositoryName: repositoryName);
    final otherProvider = OtherProviderSerdes(element, annotation, repositoryName: repositoryName);
    final generators = <SerdesGenerator>[];
    return generators;