JsonSerialize<_Model extends Model, _Annotation extends FieldSerializable> mixin Null safety

Superclass Constraints


doesDeserialize bool
Whether this generator serializes or deserializes raw input
providerName String
For example, Rest or Sqlite
final, inherited
repositoryName String
For example, OfflineFirst
final, inherited
element ClassElement
The annotated class
final, inherited
fields FieldsForClass<_Annotation>
The sorted fields of the element
final, inherited
repositoryHasBeenForceCast bool
Avoid linter error on subsequent passes for the repository. For example, if repository has already been casted to ! it should not be recast
read / write, inherited
adapterMethod String
The method as printed by the adapter. Does not include semicolon.
read-only, inherited
adapterMethodInputType String
The expected input type for the adapterMethod
read-only, inherited
adapterMethodOutputType String
The expected output type of the adapterMethod
read-only, inherited
className String
read-only, inherited
constructorName String
Discover factories within the class that rely on the provider. For example factory User.fromRest
read-only, inherited
deserializeInputType String
The Type expected from the provider when deserializing
read-only, inherited
fieldsForGenerator String
Mash the element's fields into a list for serialization or deserialization
@visibleForOverriding, @visibleForTesting, read-only, inherited
generateSuffix String
Code to follow after a class has been instantiated. Must end with semicolon.
read-only, inherited
instanceFieldsAndMethods List<String>
Any instance fields that should be copied to the adapter. Should terminate in ; if required.
read-only, inherited
serializingFunctionArguments String
Expected arguments for the serializing/deserializing function. Does not include parentheses.
read-only, inherited
serializingFunctionName String
The generated deserialize function name
read-only, inherited
serializeMethod String
Discover serializers within the class that rely on the provider. For example toRest() =>
read-only, inherited
serializeOutputType String
The Type expected by the provider when serializing
read-only, inherited
unignoredFields Iterable<FieldElement>
All fields that are serializable by this generator and are not declared to be ignored by an annotation.
read-only, inherited
hashCode int
The hash code for this object.
read-only, inherited
runtimeType Type
A representation of the runtime type of the object.
read-only, inherited


addField(FieldElement field, _Annotation fieldAnnotation) String?
Given each field, determine whether it can be added to the serdes function and, more importantly, determine how it should be added. If the field should not be added, return null.
checkerForField(FieldElement field) SharedChecker<Model>
Return a SharedChecker for a type via the corresponding parameter in the constructor.
checkerForType(DartType type) SharedChecker<Model>
Return a SharedChecker for a type. If including a custom checker in your domain, overwrite this field
coderForField(FieldElement field, SharedChecker<Model> checker, {required bool wrappedInFuture, required _Annotation fieldAnnotation}) String?
Produces serializing or deserializing method given a field and checker.
deserializerNullableClause({required FieldElement field, required _Annotation fieldAnnotation, required String name}) String
Injected between the field member in the constructor and the contents
digestPlaceholders(String? input, String annotatedName, String fieldName) String?
Replace default placeholders
@mustCallSuper, inherited
expandGenerators(_Annotation annotation, {required FieldElement field, required SharedChecker<Model> checker}) String?
Convert placeholders in fromGenerator and toGenerator to functions.
generate() String
Wraps fieldsForGenerator in a method to produce serialization or deserialization
getAssociationMethod(DartType argType, {bool forceNullable = false, required String query}) String
hasConstructor(DartType type) bool
If this class possesses a factory such as fromRest
@protected, inherited
hasSerializer(DartType type) bool
If this class possesses a serializing method such as toSqlite
@protected, inherited
ignoreCoderForField(FieldElement field, _Annotation annotation, SharedChecker<Model> checker) bool
Determine whether this field should be included in generated output.
@protected, inherited
noSuchMethod(Invocation invocation) → dynamic
Invoked when a non-existent method or property is accessed.
providerNameForField(String? annotatedName, {required SharedChecker<Model> checker}) String
The field's name when being serialized to a provider. Optionally, a checker can reveal the field's purpose.
@protected, inherited
serdesValueForField(FieldElement field, String annotatedName, {required SharedChecker<Model> checker}) String
The field's value when used by the generator. For example, data['my_field'] when used by a deserializing generator or instance.myField when used by a serializing generator
@protected, inherited
toString() String
A string representation of this object.


operator ==(Object other) bool
The equality operator.