generators library


Given a model, outputs generated code to use as a Brick adapter.
AnnotationFinder<Annotation extends Object>
Find an Annotation per field.
Output serializing code for all models with the @_Annotation annotation. This generator is the annotation that discovers all models in the domain and most commonly invokes sub generators.
FieldsForClass<FieldAnnotation extends Object>
Manages all fields of a ClassElement. Generously borrowed from JSON Serializable
Given a list of models, output generated code to use as brick.g.dart file
Given an element and annotation, output a digestable config
SerdesGenerator<FieldAnnotation extends FieldSerializable, _SiblingModel extends Model>
A generator that converts raw input into Dart code or Dart code into raw input. Most Providers will require a SerdesGenerator to help the Repository normalize data.
SharedChecker<_SiblingModel extends Model>
A utility to legibly assert a DartType against core types