Dart Box

A fluent Dart persistence API inspired by SQL. This library is still in an early phase of development. Currently Box has following implementations:

  • MemoryBox: a very simple implementation that runs completely in-memory, ideal for unit tests and caching.
  • FileBox: an in-memory implementation that persists data to a simple JSON file, useful for simple applications with a low concurrency.
  • MongoDbBox
  • FirestoreBox: this implementation has some limitations, it does not support composite keys, LIKE, NOT, OR and IN.
  • PostgresBox: restricted to JSON types for lists and nested entities, it does not support arrays and complex types.

Box requires a registry to be generated from the entity model. See box_generator how to do so.


var registry = Registry()..register(User$BoxSupport());
var box = FileBox('.box/test', registry);

var users = await box.selectFrom<User>()
users.forEach((user) => print(user.name));